Sometimes it’s fabulous, sometimes it’s bold and sometimes it’s really ugly.

I’m a 20 year old full-time undergradute student at university. I have a love-hate relationship with food. In an attempt to stay (ideally) slim, trim, and healthy, I’m always willing to try new ‘healthy’ products on the shelves. I try to eat low-fat (because a little fat never hurt anyone) but still maximize taste because I believe eating shouldn’t be a hardship. Having been able to rediscover my appreciation and love of food, I think it is very important to enjoy what you eat and that every so often, allowing yourself a slurge is worth it if not equally important.

The foods I generally eat are labeled ‘healthy‘, whether it’s because they are low-calorie, portion-controlled, or low-fat. However, as I have an enormous sweet tooth, don’t be surprise when baked goods, chocolate, and candy make an appearance.

All of this is being attempted on a tight budget… I really hope this works and I don’t break the bank.

I will be doing reviews of the various food items I find at bi-weekly grocery runs as well as commentary on meals that I have on the odd occasion I eat out.

Feel free to suggest a product!


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